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M E E T I N G   N O T E S
  Florissant Scientific Society notes—20 July, 2003 (2nd meeting)                                                         Photos


  • Guest speakers: Tom Steven (assisted by partner, Dan Shawe)
  • David Atkins, Tim Brown, Bill Dexter, John Ghist, Beth Simmons, Sheila Steele, Stephen Veatch, Andy Weinzapfel

Location: David Atkins’ home, Cripple Creek (what a view; great food too!)

 Program Details:



 You may wish to make a donation to David Atkins as he purchased 2 copies of Herb’s Fossils of Florissant as gifts to Tom and Dan.

 David Atkins is arranging next speaker (field trip) at undecided date.  Andy Weinzapfel can be backup in case of problems with a talk titled Reflections on Creativity and Innovation: Lessons from the Past.